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The most difficult aspect of any asset division case is often the process of determining a fair value for each asset in question. In cases involving privately held businesses or other complex assets, this can be particularly challenging. It is important that you retain a qualified Allen, TX divorce attorney with the business valuation experience needed to fairly resolve sophisticated property division matters.

In cases where a privately held business is in question, contrary to common belief, equal division of the business is only necessary in cases where the business was established during the marriage. If one spouse established the business was established prior to the marriage, the non-owner spouses’ share of the business will be limited. Businesses can be divided in a number of ways, including the sale of the business, one spouse buying out the other spouse’s interest in the business or offsetting the non-owner spouse’s interest with a larger share of other community property.

Attorney Phillip Linder has a complete understanding of the laws surrounding property division.

With his background in finance and accounting, he knows how to approach these matters in the way that best protects your interests. He will enlist the help of valuation experts who can assign an accurate value to each asset in question in order to provide a clear understanding of the total value before the asset division begins. He will advise you on all of your options and provide the best recommendation on how to proceed with your asset division.

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