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According to Texas law, any child custody and visitation arrangement must serve the best interests of the child above all else. Although both parents may agree that they have the best interest of the child in mind, their view on what defines the child’s “best interest” are often quite different.

These types of family law cases are among the most highly contested areas of a divorce and are sometimes very difficult to resolve. That is why you need a dedicated and reliable Allen, TX child custody attorney on your side. Attorney Phillip Linder represents both mothers and fathers seeking primary or joint custody and has been successful in negotiating child custody and visitation arrangements both sides can support.

In the event that there are disputes that need to be resolved in your case, the court may assign Parenting Coordinators or Parenting Facilitators to help you resolve them. Phillip Linder will advise you throughout the process, helping you take the necessary steps if you feel that your parental rights are being threatened.

Joint Managing Conservatorships

In child custody cases, someone must make important decisions on the child’s behalf. Decisions such as where the child will attend school, religious affiliation, participation in extracurricular activities and medical care. A managing conservator is the parent who makes these important decisions on the children’s behalf. In a joint managing conservatorship, both parents share the responsibility of making these decisions. No matter the level of involvement you want to have in your child or children’s lives, Allen, TX attorney Phillip Linder will represent you in the negotiation and development of a parenting plan that best suits your desires and the needs of your child(ren).

“Phillip has always been very available and professional in handling my case. I am very grateful for his knowledge and patience!”

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