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Embezzlement involves the diversion of misappropriation of funds of from an organization, estate, employer or other entity. Embezzlement is a federal offense and anyone with access to the financial resources of a business, organization or estate, including: an accountant, bookkeeper, treasurer, executor, personal assistant, administrative assistant or manager can be accused of embezzlement.

A conviction on embezzlement charges can result in penalties that may include restitution, fines and jail time. A criminal record for embezzlement will also likely have a negative impact on your employment prospects.

If you are aware that you are being investigated for or accused of embezzlement, it is critical that you hire an experienced Allen, TX felony embezzlement lawyer as soon as possible. The earlier an attorney can intervene on your behalf, the better your c

The attorneys at Linder Haynes Law Firm are aggressive and experienced criminal law attorneys who have the knowledge necessary to defend you against the embezzlement or employee theft charges you are facing. With experience as prosecutors with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, attorneys Phillip Linder and Roger Haynes understand both sides of criminal law cases and understand what strategies the prosecution may employ in an effort to obtain your conviction.

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