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Property division adds another level of complexity to a divorce case. Texas is considered a “community property” state, which means all property obtained by either spouse during the marriage — with the exception of gifts and inheritance — should be divided equally between the parties. Any assets owned by either spouse prior to the marriage are considered separate property and are not to be included in the division of property under Texas law.

The first and most important aspect of a most property division cases is to distinguish between community and separate property. In some cases, even this can be a difficult matter, as there are often disputes as to whether particular assets should be categorized as community or separate property. Attorney Phillip Linder has experience representing clients in a broad range of property division matters, including the division of real estate, privately owned businesses, retirement accounts and stock portfolios.

Community property is typically divided one of two ways. Either based on the total value of the assets, or based on the value of each asset individually. With a degree in finance from Baylor University, Phillip Linder has the finance and accounting background needed to properly advise you on how to approach your asset division.

In some asset division cases, “hidden assets” may also need to be identified and addressed. Hidden assets are assets one spouse is either not aware of or does not have access to, including: separate bank accounts, business assets or inherited property. Although some of these hidden assets can be classified as separate property, they must still be identified and documented as part of the property division process.

No matter how complex your case, Allen, TX property division lawyer Phillip Linder will present the strongest case possible to support your position and protect your rights to your property. He will work with forensic accountants and financial planners to identify and determine an accurate valuation of all community and separate property and will work to identify any hidden assets in your case.

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