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Divorce orders finalized by the court are meant to reflect the existing circumstances at the time of the divorce. Over time, circumstances can change, which may necessitate a modification of the divorce decree. Post-divorce modifications are often very complex and difficult and require a compelling argument to be made in order to obtain court approval.

Post-divorce modifications can apply to:

Child support: In the case of a substantial change in income for the parent paying child support, either parent can request a modification to the child support order.

Child custody: Child custody arrangements may require modification in the event of changes in work schedule, or parent relocation, among other causes.

Alimony or spousal maintenance: Similarly to child support, if there has been a substantial change in income for either spouse, it may be possible to modify the alimony or spousal maintenance arrangement.

If you believe you have cause to seek a change to your original divorce decree, you need the help a skilled Allen, TX family law attorney who understands the law and is able to protect your rights. Allen, TX divorce attorney Phillip Linder has experience representing both sides of a post-modification divorce case.

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