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In the state of Texas, there is a set of statutory guidelines to calculate child support. These guidelines are based on the net monthly income of the obligor (the parent who will be required to pay support), minus any allowable deductions, such as income taxes and children’s health insurance (if applicable).

For a fair order, it is absolutely necessary that complete and accurate income information is entered into the child support calculator. To navigate through the sometimes-muddy waters of a child support case, you need an experienced Allen, TX child support attorney who understands the law and will do everything possible to protect your best interests.

Child support attorney Phillip Linder represents parents on both sides of child support cases. Not only does he understand how the guidelines work and the information required to obtain a fair order, Phillip Linder has extensive experience with family law and child support cases.

In the event that you are facing a substantial change in income — either an increase or decrease — Allen, TX Attorney Phillip Linder can work with you to seek to have the original child support order modified to better reflect your current financial situation. In cases where the obligor is not making payments as ordered by the court, Phillip Linder can help you petition the court to enforce the order.

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